Top 3 Cannabis strains suitable for Indoor cannabis cultivation

If you’re new to growing cannabis, it can be a confusing task to choose the right kind of strain. The cannabis strains which grow indoors are pretty limited. Unless and until you do not manage to choose the right strain, you will not be able to grow it in your indoor greenhouse.

We will today share with you 3 of the finest strains which will help you in growing cannabis indoors. With the right strain, marijuana growing will actually become much easier for you indoors.

  1. Sensi Skunk Automatic:

Sensi Skunk Automatic is an auto-flowering strain. As a result, it will not require frequent intervention on your part. As it is auto-flowering, you need not have any specific gardening experience in order to grow it indoors. Neither, you will need any kind of special equipment. It belongs to the family of the Ruderalis Strain. This family of strains has the auto-flowering capability without any change in the lighting cycle. The 1st buds will appear in 5 weeks. The harvesting, however, is only possible after a period of 50 days.

Sensi Skunk is famous for its robust growth as well as affordability. The flavor is sweet rather than being pungent which is an added advantage.

Suitable for:

  • Beginners
  • People who want to opt for cannabis cultivation on a budget
  1. Super Skunk Automatic:

Super Skunk Automatic offers you a powerful indica effect. At the same point in time, you will not feel sleepy. It is one of the perfect options if you’re looking for cannabis for medicinal purposes. It helps in pain relief as well as stress relief. It also requires very less maintenance which is an added advantage.

You need not worry about the change in the lighting cycle or pruning the plants or removing the male plans. Thus, if you’re looking for a low maintenance auto-flowering cannabis strain, you should definitely go with this one. When the seedlings are 4 weeks old, the plants will start blooming. The plants are not even affected by any variations in the photoperiod. This ensures that the chances of any mistake impacting the strain are pretty limited.

The harvesting can be done after 65 days. As a result, you will be able to gain 3 crops throughout the year. If you’re looking for a strain which you can grow in a compact space, this is definitely the one which you should choose.

Suitable for:

  • Medicinal growers
  • People who want to harvest 3 crops per year
  1. Northern Lights Automatic:

Northern lights automatic is one of the most famous cannabis strains which can be grown indoors. It comes in a feminist auto-flowering version as well. This is the perfect strain for those who want to grow cannabis with little prior experience.

At their peak, the plants are just 1 meter in height. Also, the flowering period is just 55 days. Thus, you need very little amount of space in order to grow these plants. The buds appear when the plants are just one month old. Owing to the fact that the harvesting can be done in 55 days, 3 crops a year are possible.

Suitable for:

  • People who are looking for a powerful strain
  • People looking for a unique strain

Once you are able to zero in on the strain of the cannabis which you want to grow indoors, it will become easier for you to start cultivating them. Should you be looking for a tent or other equipment, you can head over to sells not only multiple sized tents but also, other equipment which you need for cannabis cultivation indoors. Some of the much-needed gear which you can buy includes:

  • Tents
  • Lighting sources
  • Air treatment and ventilation equipment
  • Irrigation equipment
  • Hand tools needed to cultivate

With the help of the right tools and the strain, you will be able to grow cannabis indoors quite easily. You have to just make sure that you are picking the correct strain and following a proper procedure to grow the strain.

Thus, instead of thinking that cultivating cannabis indoors is a difficult task, simply choose one of the strains which we have highlighted and get the right equipment from and you will be able to cultivate cannabis indoors easily.

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