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Let's talk about how to grow Marijuana at home. There are a lot of indoor cannabis grow methods, That being said, there is one central aspect of growing a pot plant that everyone needs to understand, and that is that cannabis is a flowering plant, meaning that in nature it bears its fruits only once a year, during the fall season when the daylight hours grow shorter. This is important for the home indoor grower because the light period, or photoperiod, of the plant, must be controlled. In that case pot plant must be placed in 12+ hours of light every day in order to keep the plant from flowering. Ideally, a pot plant needs to grow, or “vegetate,” for at least a few weeks before flowering. Otherwise, the harvesting of its fruit will be extremely disappointing. To be able to vegetate and to have a healthy specimen, A young seedling should be grown four to six weeks before flowering is induced. At this point the plant should get a minimum of 16 hours of light, but 18-20 hours is a safer bet. To do this indoors—even near a window with good sunlight—a lamp will be needed to ensure the proper length of its photoperiod.

Selecting the optimal growing containers for weed isn’t always easy and straight forward. Now what's the best Fast-growing pot to use? Here are some examples of pots or containers which is commonly used by weed lovers. The Standard flower pots. This is the good flower pot, that you can get almost everywhere for little money. They are most often made from plastic these days, but you can also find the old classic types, which are made from terracotta. Another is the Smart pots (FABRIC POTS). This is a container with a hole at the bottom for drainage, plus a saucer to catch the water. This ensures constant new growth of roots and can help promote better plant growth. Next is the Air pots. Air pots make use of the same principles as the above mentioned “smart” pots. These are plastic containers with openings on the side, that provide automated “air-pruning” for the roots of your cannabis plant. And the last one is the Hempy buckets. Like a regular plant container except instead of having drainage holes out the bottom, they are located near the bottom on the sides.

Another commonly asked question in growing marijuana is “what ventilation you need to grow weed?”. The first important thing is YOUR GROW ROOM NEEDS AIR CIRCULATION. The reason for ventilating a grow room is simple; cannabis plants need fresh air. Too many growers get ventilation wrong and encounter all kinds of problems later in the grow. Bugs, fungi, and mould love a hot, humid environment with poor airflow. Like it or not, ventilation is essential to cannabis cultivation. Here comes greenhouse ventilation. Greenhouse growers should make sure they have multiple vents that can be opened and closed as required. Most basic, plastic-covered greenhouses have ventilation flaps that can be easily opened and closed manually. Worst case, you can open up the doors a little or remove a window pane or three from glass greenhouses. In fact, there are a lot of online greenhouse shops that offers great deals. You can visit them when planning to your cannabis grow kits.

Are you interested in setting up a cannabis grow area? What about trying marijuana grow houses? Growing marijuana is decriminalized or legal, it often makes more sense to take the operation inside — often into residential homes. If ­you devote a room in your house to cultivating marijuana, you have a grow room. Set aside most of your available indoor space to this inve­stment and — voila — you have a grow house­.

A cheap setup to grow marijuana with high yield can cost you as low as $70 dollars. However, if you spend a few hundred dollars, you could be yielding ounces at a time. Always keep in mind that Cheap indoor marijuana grow rooms are indeed possible.

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