Greengro Technologies, Unveils Advantageous ‘GreenGro 3-Tier Franchise Model’

ANAHEIM, CA–(Marketwired – Sep 23, 2016) – Greengro Technologies, Inc. ( OTC PINK : GRNH ), a world-class provider of eco-friendly green technologies, has announced the “Greengro 3-Tier Franchise Model” for businesses in the field of controlled environment agriculture (CEA). The three tiers are: 1) Glass Greenhouse Franchise, 2) Glass Greenhouse Franchise / Cannabis Sector, and 3) Vertical Hydrogarden Stores.

The Greengro 3-Tier Franchise Model is being marketed by the Company's subsidiaries Vertical Hydrogarden and BP Gardens, Inc., a CEA company that specializes in the use of leading-edge technologies and production methods. End user customers for this franchise program include companies in the field of leafy green produce production and distribution, e.g., lettuce producers and processors.

“Our franchise program benefits facility owners by ensuring consistent production and profitability,” said James Haas, CEO of Greengro Technologies, Inc. “We provide a state-of-the-art grow environment and the franchise is offered with a purchase order to acquire the entirety of the produce crop that a facility harvests.”

Haas said that, after a period of comprehensive research and development, Greengro is mobilizing on a strategically devised three-tier business model designed to fasten its corporate roots deep into the agricultural sector.

“This is a monumental step forward for Greengro, Vertical Hydrogarden and BP Gardens,” stated Haas. “The robust profit potential of these operations is lucrative. Significant effort and resources have been invested in the successful development of these opportunities, and we are extremely pleased as we are looking forward to the level of growth this strategy is expected to deliver.”

Ultimately, noted Haas, the Company strategizes to duplicate its promising franchise models over a widening territory.

The “Greengro 3-Tier Franchise Model” includes:

1) BP Gardens Glass Greenhouse Franchise – The Glass Greenhouse offering includes a turnkey two-acre facility designed to produce up to nine million heads of lettuce per year. With an estimated per-head value of $.75, potential revenues from the production of lettuce alone could be significant. This franchise is offered with a purchase order to acquire the entirety of the produce that facility harvests.

2) Cannabis Ventures Inc Glass Greenhouse Franchise / Cannabis Sector – The secondary tier is the set-up of the company's signature Glass Greenhouses for the cultivation of Medical Marijuana. According to a recent article on, Legal adult recreational marijuana sales topped $998 million in 2015 compared to $351 million in 2014 — growing 184 percent year-over-year. If the operation can generate nine million heads of lettuce, the production of a comparable amount of cannabis is expected to be a game changer, not only for the grower but for the thriving local retail market. With loosening legislation, production demands are increasing and like Tier 1, purchase orders accompany this franchise opportunity.

3) Vertical Hydrogarden Stores – Tier 3 is the Franchising of Vertical HydroGarden, a premier retailer of year-round hydroponic supplies. Vertical HydroGarden, Inc. is considers itself the industry-leader in modular automated hydroponic grow-rooms, portable grow-containers, greenhouses, hydroponic and aquaponics supplies and cultivation consulting services.

Since 2010, through online and retail store locations, the Company belives it has developed a reputation for offering solid industry-leading solutions to clients ranging from large-scale commercial farming to community gardens, restaurants and hobbyists. This business model aims to eliminate the learning curve so customers can be instantly successful, benefiting due to everything from initial system planning and design through operational support and training.

About Greengro Technologies:
Greengro Technologies ( OTC PINK : GRNH ) is a world class provider of eco-friendly green technologies with specific domain expertise in indoor and outdoor agricultural science systems serving both the consumer and commercial farming markets. It brings together community and commerce through the growth and distribution of healthy, nutritious foods and vital medicines backed by science and technology. Customers include restaurants, community gardens, small and large scale commercial clients. Greengro Technologies also provides design, construction and maintenance services to large grow and cultivation operations and collectives in the medical and recreational marijuana sectors.

The company's websites:, and offer regular updates including educational videos, projects updates, recipes and nutritional information, and where to find the company's products.

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