5 tips to maximize indoor cannabis cultivation space

When you’re creating a greenhouse for cannabis cultivation indoors, it is important for you to use the space efficiently. Indoors, you will not be able to gain a significant amount of space. That is why judicious space usage is needed.

We will make the task of space optimization easier for you. We will today share with you 5 tips which you can follow in order to maximize the indoor cannabis cultivation space.

  1. Using the compact lights:

Lights are an integral part of marijuana growing. That is why you have to always set up the right number of lights to attain the proper light dispersion as well as temperature in the greenhouse. This, however, does not mean that you have to opt for the bulkier lights. With the help of compact lights, you will be able to reduce their footprint in the cannabis cultivation area. This will ensure that you are having more space for cannabis cultivation rather than for the lights. You can opt for LED lighting systems or you can opt for CFL lighting systems. Both of these occupy very little space which ensures that you are able to use the space more judiciously.

  1. Opting for proper light distribution technique:

In order to make sure that the entire floor space is being utilized for marijuana growing, it is important for you to disperse the light to every nook and cranny. Only when that is the case, you will be able to grow marijuana in a dense fashion which will help you in utilizing each and every inch of space. In order to do so, you have to use a reflector assembly. There are plenty of reflector assemblies which are available on our website, verticalhydrogarden.com. You can easily choose the one which fits in your cultivation space perfectly.

  1. Using vertical growing space:

If the floor space which you have in your premises is pretty limited, you can opt for a vertical growing greenhouse. The vertically growing greenhouses are divided with the help of different compartments. As a result, marijuana will grow in different compartments. This will help you in using the space more judiciously and growing marijuana with the denser footprint.

  1. Using a screen of green cultivation technique:

If you’re having a smaller amount of space to grow marijuana, you can use the screen of green technique. With the help of this technique, you will be a creating a screen over the marijuana growing field. The screen can be made from chicken wire. Once the plants start rising up the screen, you can tie them up to the nearest wire in order to ensure that they are not obstructing the light. This will ensure that the light is being spread to every nook and cranny of the growing area. This will automatically help you in getting a dense growth rather than sparse growth due to the obstruction of light. Since the further growth of the branches of the plant will be along the screen wires, you can be sure that there will be no obstruction of light.

  1. Choosing the right strain:

The type of strain which you choose has a definite impact on the growth which you will be able to get in smaller areas indoors. You should always go with strains like:

  • Indica
  • Ruderalis

These strains are more compact in size. Moreover, they have shorter InterNodes as well. Even during the flowering period, they do not stretch. This is the reason why you will be able to grow more plants in a smaller area and effectively utilize the space which is available in your greenhouse.

Thus, with the help of proper planning, it will become easier for you to maximize the utilization of space indoors. All the equipment or the strains which you will need in order to efficiently utilize the marijuana growing space are available on our website verticalhydrogarden.com. Verticalhydrogarden.com will help you gain access to the equipment which we mentioned in the article like:

  • Compact growing strains
  • Growth trays
  • Reflector assembly
  • LED lighting units

With the help of this gear and equipment, you will be able to easily utilize the space which you have indoors and you will be able to cultivate marijuana in a denser fashion.

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