5 mistakes to avoid when growing cannabis indoors

Cannabis cultivation is not a difficult task. The problem is that people often do not abide by the guidelines which they should follow and end up committing mistakes. Marijuana growing indoors requires great care and a proper atmosphere. If there is any deviation from the standard conditions in the indoor greenhouse, the plants will not be able to grow as per requirement.

In order to help you avoid the most common mistakes which people often make while growing cannabis indoors, we will list the top 5 mistakes which you need to avoid.

1. Using the manure in the wrong way:

In most of the cases, the type of manure is not the problem. Most of the manure consists of proper nutrients for the plants to grow. The problem is when you do not put the manure as per the specifications. Also, the accessibility of the nutrients to the plant is also an issue in most of the cases. In many cases, when you’re putting in the manure along with water, it can it block the accessibility of the manure. You have to also ensure that you are using an EC device in order to know the right quantity of manure which you should put into the soil. Also, you have to measure the quantity of water which is needed and thereafter water the greenhouse. If you’re looking for suitable manure, our website verticalhydrogarden.com has plenty of good options.

2. Incorrect positioning of the lamps:

When you are opting for cannabis cultivation indoors, the position of the lamp is pretty important. The effectiveness of the lamps is inversely proportional to the distance. The greater the distance, the less effective the lamps will be. A solution to this problem is to use the LED lamps as those are more effective and can be placed at a further distance as compared to the sodium lamps. In addition to that, you can use the reflector assembly as well in order to disperse the light all over the greenhouse. This will ensure that you do not have to worry about the precise positioning of the lamps.

3. Excessive care:

Many of the people who are cultivating cannabis think that going a little overboard is fine. You need to keep in mind that the natural cultivation factors like the amount of light or the amount of water which is supplied to the greenhouse should be kept to a minimum. If you overdo it, that will damage the seedlings. That is why it is important to know the exact amount of water which you should put into the soil as well as the amount of light which will be needed by the strain which you are cultivating. You have to avoid overdoing things.

4. Improper temperature:     Improper temperature, as well as humidity conditions in the greenhouse, can impact the growth of your plants. Oftentimes, when the temperature is not proper, the flowers will not grow. This is especially true during the last weeks of the flowering cycle. You need to keep in mind that the comfortable temperature at which the plants can grow easily is between 25C to 28C. If the root temperature is as low as 12C, the metabolic activity in the roots will decrease. This will mean that the nutrients, as well as water, will not be extracted from the soil. As a result, the soil will remain damp all the time. This will increase the humidity which will create a problem. This problem is known as cold feet. The solution to this problem is that you have to use Styrofoam and blackboards whenever necessary. If required, you have to use heating during the dark phase as well. This will ensure that you are able to have uniform temperature across the plant.

5. Improper are investing time:     Indoor cannabis cultivation requires proper harvesting time. If you’re harvesting too early, you will not be able to get the same effect which is required. You have to only think about harvesting after the drying process stage has commenced. If you’re harvesting too early, it will not develop the same kind of aroma. That is why you have to find out in advance about the perfect harvesting time and the indicators which you should be looking for before harvesting. If you are able to wait for the perfect harvesting time, you will be able to get the cannabis variety which you were always hoping for.

Most of the mistakes which we have highlighted above can be easily avoided with the help of right kind of gear as well as supplies. You just need to make sure that you’re going by the book in order to grow cannabis indoors. Once you are able to do that, you can avoid these mistakes. If you’re hard-pressed for supplies, you can head over to verticalhydrogarden.com where we provide you with each and every equipment, gear as well as material which you will need for growing cannabis indoors like:

• Reflector assembly

• Manure

• LED lamps

• Tents

• Strains

Thus, if you’re struggling with growing cannabis indoors, simply avoid these 5 mistakes with the help of right supplies from verticalhydrogarden.com and you will be able to grow the cannabis indoors which you always opt for.

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