4 reflector types to choose from when growing marijuana indoors

When you’re growing marijuana indoors, it is important to provide the strains with the right amount of light. Rather than using LED lights throughout the greenhouses, it is a good idea to use reflector assembly is in order to grow Mariano efficiently. Cannabis cultivation is not that difficult task if you are able to procure the right equipment in your greenhouse. One such equipment which is a necessity is the reflector.

There are different types of reflectors to choose from. We will today share with you four different type of reflectors which you can easily choose from when you’re planning to create indoor marijuana growing greenhouses.

  1. Wing reflectors:    

Wing reflectors consist of 2 wings in a reverse V shape. The light source is contained inside the upside down V shape. This ensures that the entire light is directed downwards. They are often placed above the cannabis plants. As a result, the entire light is directed towards the plants. In addition to that, the length of such reflectors is on the longer side. This ensures that the light is dispersed throughout. The light gets reflected from multiple points throughout the wing assembly which ensures that it is directed over the concerned area. These are simple to use and cost effective as well.


  • Affordable
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to install


  • Dispersion of light over a smaller area
  1. Umbrella reflectors:  

Umbrella reflectors as the name itself suggests is in the form of an umbrella. The light source is present inside the umbrella hanging vertically. As a result, the light is directed over a larger area. Moreover, pillows can come in all shapes and sizes. That is why; the umbrella reflectors can cover a larger area quite easily. With the help of the canopy, the light can be directed easily as well.

Moreover, in this type of reflector assembly as well, the light is directed downwards as the light cannot go through the canopy in the upper direction. This ensures that there is efficient utilization of light.

The main advantage of the umbrella reflector assembly is that since the light source is at the center of the umbrella, the light is dispersed equally in all the directions. This helps you in covering the area uniformly. Owing to all of these reasons, umbrella reflectors provide you with some unique advantages.


  • Larger coverage area
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to use


  • Significant amount of space is needed to accommodate umbrella reflector
  1. Hood reflectors:   

If the intensity of the light which you need in your greenhouse is on the higher side, you should definitely go with the hood reflectors. Hood reflectors come in all shapes and sizes. You can easily choose them according to the amount of space which is available in your greenhouse. These types of reflectors use multiple light sources. As a result, they reflect the entire light on to the plants which helps you in getting better intensity of light.

Also, hood reflectors themselves come in 2 different types which are:

  • Squat and wide
  • Tall and narrow

The 1st option is good enough for covering a large area. On the other hand, if you’re looking for high-intensity reflectors, you should go with the tall and wide once. Thus, they provide you with alternatives depending on the intensity of light needed.


  • Different shapes and sizes available
  • Versatile
  • High-intensity of light


  • Area covered is limited
  1. Air cooled reflectors:    

Air cooled reflectors help you in controlling the intensity of heat which is generated by the bulb. They are highly compact as well. Also, the 2 important parts of these types of reflectors include:

  • Glass lens
  • Air ducts

With the help of glass lens, a significant portion of the heat generated by the bulb remains inside the reflector assembly. Moreover, with the help of air cooling, this heat is excreted outside with help of air cooling. Thus, it does not affect the plants. Thus, even though the temperature inside the greenhouse is not significantly higher but the intensity of light is. Also, as the temperature is strictly controlled in this type of reflector assembly, you can install it closer to the plants without damaging them. This is one of the main advantages of the air-cooled reflectors.


  • Keeps the temperatures on the lower side
  • Eliminates heat
  • High-intensity of light


  • Comparatively expensive

Thus, when you’re looking for a suitable reflector assembly for your greenhouse indoors, these are the 4 options which you should look into. Depending on your needs, you will be able to select the correct one for marijuana growing indoors.

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